What is crowdfunding?

A simple guide to crowdfunding and how it can help you find your funding and fund something new.

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Ever wanted to run your own crowdfunding platform? Take the first step with a partner page on the CrowdShed website, and build a collection of projects under your own branded heading. Check out the partners above and say hello to CrowdShed to find out more about our partner pages and our plans for the future.

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Nov 14.

Je suis Paris

In solidarity with France and the rest of the world against terrorism...

Why CrowdShed?

CrowdShed’s mission is a simple one: To transform social finance using technology to efficiently connect funders with projects and organisations.

We are creating the world’s first social and community finance platform for social enterprises, communities, charities and the arts, combining:

— Social lending

— Reward crowdfunding, and

— Philanthropy

We make it easy for funders to discover and support the projects they love.

Free and easy

It doesn't cost a penny to create a project — just add your pitch, pictures and video and off you go. It's free for funders to join too!

Support and guidance

Our experts are on hand to help you create and promote your project every step of the way, so you make the most of every opportunity.

Regulated and safe

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit-related regulated activities and use a safe and approved payments service to manage all financial transactions.

Social Finance

We are the world's first finance platform for social enterprises, charities and the arts. Raise funding from many people coming together to lend money, donate or benefit from exclusive rewards.

We are social

Spread the word. Share the love. Have your say.

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