What is crowdfunding?

A simple guide to crowdfunding and how it can help you find your funding and fund something new.

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Nov 14.

Je suis Paris

In solidarity with France and the rest of the world against terrorism...

Why CrowdShed?

Because we're shaking up how things are done for the better. Through our online platform and central-London hub, The Shed, we're bridging the divide between the internet and the people who make projects happen.

CrowdShed is a place where you can help bring great ideas and products to life, promote charities you believe in, invest in businesses with potential and support what you love.

Free and easy

It doesn't cost a penny to create a project — just add your pitch, pictures and video and off you go. It's free for funders to join too!

Support and guidance

Our experts are on hand to help you create and promote your project every step of the way, so you make the most of every opportunity.

Safe and secure

We use a safe and approved payments service to manage all financial transactions and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit-related regulated activities.

The Shed

A communal workplace for project creators to work, get support, hold meetings and events, promote projects, be inspired by ShedTalks and learn all you need to know in our CrowdShed Clinics.

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